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Check Out Our Conversation with Representatives from Real Estate Investment Firm Marshall Reddick Real Estate

Many people want to invest in real estate, and one of the reasons why they want to do this is because they think it’s easy. Although this is true to some extent, real estate investing is only easy when you have the right partners to help you out.

When you invest in real estate, access to capital will always be a necessity. On our latest episode of Today’s Real Talk, we are joined by Patrick Prunty and Stephanie Miller from Marshall Reddick Real Estate. This real estate investment firm is based out of California but takes deals all over the country.

One of the things that sets this investment firm apart is their transparency. They want investors to feel confident in their loans, and Marshall Reddick Real Estate funds out-of-the-box loans and deals that may not be a good fit for an institutional lender.

This investment firm is also an asset-based lender, so they fund deals with high loan-to-value ratios. All they do before agreeing to fund a deal is verify the value of the property instead of verifying your income. They’re not afraid to loan to anyone, and they also have their own real estate investors passively looking to invest in the deals they fund.

Real estate investing can be intimidating, but you must be willing to take the plunge. Learn more about this nontraditional approach to investing, especially if you are an investor yourself, and another side of the investment market in this episode.

Marshall Reddick Real Estate: https://www.marshallreddick.com/