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Show 20: Can the government help build more affordable housing? The Apple Ridge Project

Is there a housing shortage? Yes. Are there things that can be done to promote more affordable housing? Yes. Who is willing to put their money where their mouth is? Lets take a look at The Apple Ridge Project in Henderson County, North Carolina

How do you define if housing is ‘affordable’? If there isn’t enough market rate housing, how can you even start a discussion about affordable housing? At what point do we decide there have been enough conversations and it is time for action? here are some who are taking action.
Show 19: What is your ‘why’? Building Communities

Ever sit around and think about what it would take to balance between major growth and keeping your small town culture?

This week Vinny Giglio of MV2 Investments – a local developer – joins Justin to talk about the process of building communities. Striking a balance between demand and nostalgia is not an easy task.
Show 18: Choosing to spend more on quality has its benefits too: Green Energy Incentives

In life, if you fail to plan you are planning to fail. A universal truth that applies in investing as well.

Dawn Polin, the Real Estate Incentives CPA, joins Justin to discuss the current landscape for energy efficiency tax incentives. Whether it be ground up development or a value-add project, there are potential tax benefits you should consider when designing your project.

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In the beginning…

“In 2018, Justin had an idea ; help everyone to be a gamechanger in real estate by sharing the best content with them . Analyzing the local Real Estate Market , Justin set out to find interesting people with interesting stories that could be shared to help others . Many moments were eye opening . Some made Justin want to close his eyes . Things to repeat and things never to try again. In a short time, Justin had discovered something that he was unsure of in the beginning… people want to learn!

Justin is grateful for everyone who contributed in the beginning to the rise and success of Today’s Real Talk . With over 1,000,000 eyes and ears checking out the first few shows , Justin knew that more people could benefit from this type of content . These original episodes are preserved here for all to enjoy , learn from , and analyze . The format may be a bit different today, but Justin still keeps the original goal top of mind – helping you to become a gamechanger!”

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