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Broker. Attorney. Investor. Entrepreneur.

There is a debate in the Ckezepis household about what Justin’s first true ‘business venture’ actually was. It has been narrowed down to either Justin’s neighborhood car washing franchise when he was 7 or the law firm he started directly after of Law School. Either way, Justin has had his fair share of adventures. Some have been an instant success. A majority never made it off the page – realistically, even out of Justin’s head.

Justin believes everyone has the potential to be anything they want in life and that it is up to us to decide whether or not to pursue the dreams we have. Justin often says, “we can’t control when, where, or what we are born into. We certainly can’t control what other people do. We can, however, control our own actions and decisions.”

Motivating and inspiring others brings Justin joy; a feeling that he is passionate about. Whether your event is geared toward large gatherings, small group sessions, or professional development of executives, Justin offers a fresh perspective that helps to empower people and endorse motivating principles.

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