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Tiny homes, or micro homes, are a small, compact type of dwelling. They are usually much smaller than your traditional house. Most tiny homes are designed to maximize efficiency and functionality in a minimal amount of space. While there is no strict definition on the size of a tiny home, most are around 400 square feet in size, although some can be even smaller.

Tiny Homes in North Carolina

People choose to live in tiny homes for many different reasons. While some are attracted to the idea of living a minimalist lifestyle, others appreciate the lower cost and affordability of living in a smaller space. Most tiny homes are environmentally friendly and offer the flexibility of mobility, as many of these dwellings are built on wheels.

Tiny homes are one of the topics we like to cover on Today’s Real Talk. We’re intrigued by the idea of tiny homes and this relatively new segment of the real estate market. We’re always interested in current trends related to tiny homes and are curious to see where this new housing format goes in the coming years.

Not only do we talk about the market for tiny homes in North Carolina on our show, but we also bring in experts to weigh in on what they think. If you want to learn more about tiny homes and the future of this real estate type, tune in today to some of our latest episodes on tiny homes.