Today’s Real Talk Episode 4: Health Care Plans Explained & Retirement Planning Solutions for 2018

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Tune in to Hear More on the Issue of Making Healthcare in America Affordable

Are you paying too much for health insurance? This is one question nearly all individuals and businesses, ranging from real estate brokers to seasoned entrepreneurs, ask today. On episode four of Today’s Real Talk, we go over this important healthcare and wealth planning topic with Retirement Wealth Coach® Steven Crawford.

We start the episode by exploring what health insurance has to do with retirement. While they can be viewed as their own separate issues, planning for retirement means thinking about healthcare, since life requires a long-term strategy.

We move onto exploring where healthcare has come and where the insurance business is going, especially since so much change is happening in the industry right now. One big issue we talk about is how bigger insurance companies hold a monopoly in many areas, so they can set their own rates. This can make securing health insurance incredibly expensive for individuals and business owners alike.

One type of health insurance we talk about in this episode as an alternative to standard policies from big businesses are healthcare cost-savings plans. They are becoming more and more popular, especially with the rising cost of the Affordable Care Act. Small business owners in particular should consider these plans as part of their healthcare benefit initiatives, especially if they are concerned about striking a reasonable balance between costs and benefits.

Another trend we go over in this episode is virtual medicine and its rising influence on the healthcare industry. Today, you can chat with a certified medical professional from the comfort of your home or office, and they can provide a diagnosis, make recommendations, and even send a prescription to your local pharmacy for pick-up.

Find out more about where the health insurance industry is heading by listening to episode four of Today’s Real Talk. And, make sure you tune in next time to hear about more trending topics affecting business owners today!