Today’s Real Talk Season 2 Episode 1: Major Real Estate Education Changes in 2019 with Bill Gallagher

Posted by Today's Real Talk September 11th, 2019

The Top Things Brokers Today Need to Know with Real Estate Expert Bill Gallagher

Real estate expert Bill Gallagher covers what real estate brokers need to know in today’s market on our latest episode of Today’s Real Talk. When he was younger, Gallagher had no plans to get into real estate, but after two women he met at church brought him to real estate school, his career took off. Originally, he got into selling new homes and resale homes, and today, he has taught thousands of real estate brokers in North Carolina about best practices and ways to succeed within this competitive industry.

Gallagher’s emphasis throughout this episode of our podcast is on education. All parties involved with any real estate transaction can be better educated about how to improve processes and efficiency, especially when so much is focused on what the rules and laws say.

Other topics covered in this episode include:

  • What the role of the “broker in charge” is during any real estate transaction
  • How to avoid wire fraud during real estate transactions with so much of the process going digital
  • The major changes that have occurred in real estate education over the last 30 years and how professionals in this market run their businesses
  • Whether e-closings are the future of real estate transactions, thanks to their efficiency

Learn exactly what brokers today need to know to become successful in the real estate by listening to our latest episode of Today’s Real Talk! And make sure you check back regularly to see when our next episode goes live.