Show 13: Want to win in Real Estate? Cash Flow Matters w/ Multifamily Investing

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Ready to Invest in Multi-Family Real Estate? Learn Why Cash Flow Matters & More on Our Latest Episode with Special Guest Dante Belmonte

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Dante Belmonte of Victory Capital Group

On our most recent episode of Today’s Real Talk, we were joined by Dante Belmonte from Victory Capital Group. Dante is originally from New York and has made his entry into the real estate business buying multi-family, value-added properties. At this point, he even owns several of these properties here in North Carolina.

But before Dante comes on the episode, host Justin Ckezepis spends a few minutes providing some information to those who might be interested in real estate investing. He goes over why investing in real estate is beneficial and some general terms you should know before getting into real estate, like debt versus equity, internal rate of return, cap rate, etc.

Dante then joins Justin, and they go over some of the growing markets here in North Carolina that are prime for real estate investment, including Charlotte, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, and Greenville. Dante then shares a little bit more about his experience with buying properties and the four-step process he follows when researching a new deal. Other topics covered include some of the common objections Dante makes when negotiating a new deal and a few of the indicators that a new market is worth investing in.

Justin also holds a brief Q&A section at the end where he talks about interest rates, rental rates, and other questions submitted by our listeners. Don’t miss out on this new episode, especially if investing in multi-family or commercial real estate is on your radar.